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Research on the Development and Construction of Folk Art Characteristic Industry under the Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.082


Pei WANG, Zheng LIU

Corresponding Author



In the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, cultural revitalization embodies the connotation and characteristics of rural construction and development. The art industry is undoubtedly the most important experimental field and arena in the development of folk artworks. As a medium, it provides more open channels for these artworks. A huge creative subject group that once had a dominant position is now in the trend of marginalization, aging, and loneliness, moving towards the twilight depths, and things that are closely related to their production and life also disappear. Rural characteristic industries show a good development trend, which expands and enhances the new kinetic energy and connotation of rural industry development, and plays a strong demonstration and leading role in promoting the innovative development of rural industries. This paper discusses the functions of folk art industry in rural culture, and compares the functions of folk art in different periods of rural culture, aiming at providing reference for inheriting and carrying forward folk art.


Rural Revitalization; folk art; culture