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Study on Ecological Protection and Restoration of Urban River Landscape from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.081



Corresponding Author



Urban river is the lifeblood of a city and the foundation on which people depend for survival. Driven by the urbanization process, the city scale is expanding and the population is increasing. However, the process of urbanization is bound to be accompanied by the deterioration of urban ecological environment. Developing and harnessing urban rivers is related to the improvement of people's living quality along the coast and the development of urban economy. Urban rivers are closely related to urban development, and the transformation of urban development and management ideas affects the management, development and utilization of urban rivers. It is an important part and basic content of ecological civilization to adhere to the principle that water resources should not be over exploited and polluted, to realize the sustainable use of water resources, to support the harmonious development of economy and society, and to ensure the virtuous cycle of ecosystem. Based on the analysis of the existing problems and causes of urban river development, this paper discusses the ecological protection and restoration strategies of urban river landscape from the perspective of ecological civilization, so as to provide development countermeasures for urban river development and utilization.


Ecological civilization; river landscape; water resources; pollution