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Study on the Integration of Ecological Culture and Creative Industry in Shenyang Wetland Park

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.079



Corresponding Author



Wetland ecosystem has a unique regional environment, rich biodiversity and very important economic and aesthetic value. It should be developed, protected and utilized reasonably, so as to give full play to its ecological and economic functions. The purpose of wetland park planning and construction is to improve the natural ecological environment, and it is one of the key projects in urban planning today. The planning of wetland parks in China is still in the exploratory stage in the current construction field. Taking the development planning of Shenyang Wetland Park as an example, this paper discusses the integration of ecological culture and creative industries in wetland parks, aiming at providing basis and reference for the development and construction of related wetland parks.


Shenyang City; Wetland park; Ecological culture; creative industry