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Status and Influence of the Dual-track System of Political Regions of the Liao Dynasty in the History of Chinese Political System

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.077


Hao YU, Nan MENG

Corresponding Author



The dual-track system of the Liao Dynasty offers a new framework for nation-building by military regimes of non-Han ethnic origin. While the Khitay conquered the Han territory by force to establish their rule, they meticulously safeguarded the homeland of their own community as a base. Over the course of Chinese history, the Liao Dynasty united three historical territories into one for the very first time, including the Northeast forest region, the Inner Asian steppe and the Central Plains farming region, thereby bridging the integration and development of the Inner Asian traditions and the Central Plains culture.[1] This paper discusses the status and influence of the dual-track system of political regions in the Liao Dynasty throughout the history of Chinese political system.


Dual-track System; Liao Dynasty; Khitay