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Research on Behavioral Motivation of Experiential Consumption of Health Products in the Elderly

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.076



Corresponding Author



The experiential consumption of health products in the elderly is a market transaction behavior triggered by health motives, and it is a social behavior driven by social motives. Due to the empty nesting of family structure, the alienation of neighbors, the shrinking social interaction, etc., the social and emotional comfort needs of the elderly are difficult to meet. Through the experiential consumption of health products, they can build their imagined community and expand their social network and emotional connection. From the perspective of the supply side, it reflects the lack of community care services for the elderly. It is necessary to improve the community's ability to serve the elderly, so that the daily needs of the elderly can return to the real community, and to enhance the elderly's sense of gain, while also effectively preventing the elderly from falling into the scam of experiencing consumption of health products.


The elderly; experiential consumption of health products; imagined community; community pension