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Analysis on Difficulties, Reasons and Countermeasures of Community Marketing

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.075


Kaixin Wu, Xue QIU, Kexin Sun

Corresponding Author

Kaixin Wu


Against the backdrop of the rapid development of e-commerce, Community Marketing has become an important part of business, which creates value and enhances user stickiness for. However, the immature marketing model in most communities hasn’t produced optimal outcomes. Based on the existing common problems, this paper analyzes the difficulties of Community Marketing and the reasons behind in terms of psychology, society and economy. Research shows that difficulties lies in how to keep community enclosed, how to depend on KOL in an appropriate way and how to achieve initial goals of establishing the community. This paper makes suggestions based on these difficulties, providing theoretical support and reference for decision making in applying more exact Community Marketing and more efficient community operation.


Community Marketing; KOL; Operations Management