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The Intervention of Social Work in Precision Poverty Alleviation:An Overview and Its Prospect

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.070


Yaqi Hao

Corresponding Author

Yaqi Hao


Precision poverty alleviation is a policy system with Chinese characteristics. The efficacy of precision poverty alleviation interprets the positive “spillover effect” of China’s poverty alleviation wisdom on the international anti-poverty cause. Social work and precision poverty alleviation are intertwined in many ways. Both Central and local governments have formed a systematic top-level design to support the intervention of social work in precision poverty alleviation. In some regions this intervention has also been carried out and has provided much valuable practical experience. The study shows a good trend of rapid development, and the academic field has achieved good results. At the beginning of this year, China’s fight against poverty has got a comprehensive victory, so the author makes an attempt to look back the existing research results and learns from the experience in order to make clear the thinking and the research trend, in the hope of finding the possible ways for the intervention of social work in poverty alleviation in the future.


Social Work; Intervention; Precision Poverty Alleviation