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Research on the Development of Belt and Road Initiative's International economy and its risks and Preventive Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.066


Junjie Ling

Corresponding Author

Junjie Ling


Under the operating environment of "Belt and Road Initiative" international trade, certain changes have taken place in the international economy and trade industry. In order to achieve the national strategic goal, the international trade space under "Belt and Road Initiative" should be excavated, the economic globalization should be promoted, the national trade policy should be perfected, and the era value of the international trade cooperation mode should be brought into full play. Such a macro environment has created a better environment for the development of China's international trade business. But at the same time, with the increase of the total volume of business, many risks in international trade have gradually emerged. From the perspective of the development of China's foreign trade, an objective, scientific and clear judgment of the positive impact of world economic integration on China's foreign trade can help our country to achieve the strategic goal of efficient and healthy development of foreign trade. In view of the above situation, this paper launches a series of discussions, focusing on putting forward the corresponding countermeasures for the development of China's foreign trade based on the environment of world economic integration from eight aspects, so as to help our country to achieve sustainable economic development. The acceleration of the process of global integration has promoted the development of world economic integration, which also virtually promotes the development of foreign trade of various countries.


The ministry of foreign trade; Prevention countermeasures; Regression analysis; Economic globalization