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Application research of financial management of People’s armed police based on blockchain technology

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.063


Jiaxin Liu, Xiaolan Lu, Juyang Shang, Tingqun Wang

Corresponding Author

Jiaxin Liu


Blockchain technology as an emerging technology, institutions and administrative units began to focus on its important role in financial management, in view of its distributed storage operation mechanism, changed the previous way of information confidentiality and sharing, improve the security of information. Armed police forces, financial management as the important work of the armed police forces, financial management activities using block chain technology, can effectively improve the safety and efficiency of financial management, to improve the safety of financial and economic activities for the police force, the armed police forces combined with blockchain technology, financial management for the armed police troops financial informatization implementation provides ideas and Suggestion.


Blockchain; financial management; financial sharing