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INTERNET + RURAL TERTIARY INDUSTRY—A new model of urban and rural development - "vegetable basket" + "playground"

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.030


Liang Zhao, Gaoke Yu

Corresponding Author

Liang Zhao


In recent years, with the change of Engel's coefficient of urban and rural residents, the consumption structure of residents has undergone significant changes. The proportion of expenditure on food-based living materials has decreased in consumer expenditure, and it has been used for cultural, health care, tourism, life services and other information to enjoy the information, and development spending in the proportion of consumer spending has greatly improved, especially the "farmhouse", "day tour" and other rural areas of high value-added tertiary industry. The development of urban and rural areas into a new vitality, the rural areas gradually become the urban residents’ "basket" and "playground." But by the rural capital (farmers income), culture, people's ideology, infrastructure and other effects, the vast rural areas of the tertiary industry is still relatively backward. However, with the popularity of the "Internet +" wind, the popularity of smart phones, farmers to participate in mobile electricity business to improve life is possible, this article will introduce a virtual APP - "door", it let "vegetable basket" + "playground "Model into a mode of development of electricity business, and to the concept of shared development to mobilize the participation of the majority of farmers, and thus naturally promote the improvement of urban and rural transport, rural logistics system to improve and develop, as well as urban and rural environment improvement.


Shared development, rural electricity business, urban-rural relationship.