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Application Research and Exploration of establishing HRSSC Service Model for large State-owned Enterprise groups

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.053


Songnian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Songnian Zhang


In the new economic environment, the original service model of human resource management within large state-owned enterprise groups has been unable to meet the needs of group reform and development in the new stage. When foreign large enterprise groups begin to regard human resources as a new economic growth point, most of China's large state-owned enterprise groups ignore the great potential contained in human resources management and still focus on the traditional cost reduction and efficiency, but ignore to explore their own huge human resource advantages. Through the research on the service mode of HRSSC (Human Resources Sharing Service Center), combined with the current situation of human resource management in large state-owned enterprise groups, this paper further studies and explores the application of establishing HRSSC service mode in large state-owned enterprise groups, and puts forward the necessity and shortcomings of HRSSC construction in state-owned enterprises at the present stage.


HRSSC (Human Resources Sharing Service Center); large state-owned enterprise groups; imperative; current situation