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Evaluation and Analysis of Financial Performance of Listed Companies in Hebei Province Based on Factor Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.050


Li Rongping, Gai Tian

Corresponding Author

Gai Tian


According to the influencing factors of corporate financial performance, an evaluation index system consisting of 12 indicators in four aspects: profitability, operating ability, development ability and solvency has been constructed; Determined to use the factor analysis method to evaluate the financial performance of listed companies in Hebei Province, and divided listed companies into different types according to the evaluation results, and summarized the characteristics of their financial performance, that is to say, the overall level of financial performance of the company is poor and there are some differences and imbalances, the profitability is good but the financial risk tolerance is poor, and the production and operation conditions are weak;Finally, targeted countermeasures and suggestions to promote the healthy development of listed companies in Hebei Province are put forward.


Listed companies; financial performance; comprehensive evaluation; factor analysis; empirical analysis