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Study on Co-design of Fashion Brands and Their Marketing Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.048


Wang Xintong, Meng Xin

Corresponding Author

Wang Xintong


In recent years, "co-design" and "cooperative design" get popular in not only fashion industry but also other areas with various product series and modes. The academy community refers to the commonly mentioned fashion terms "cooperative brand" and "co-design" as "co-branding", a similar word has its distinctive connotations. As studied and interpreted by many scholars, brand cooperation and co-branding each have their own emphasis. Co-branding, as a mode where two or more brands together establish a new brand targeting some specific area, has a larger coverage and allows various forms of cooperation; while brand cooperation in the fashion industry attaches more importance to the "brand", emphasizes more on the brands’ own features and seeks to attract consumer attention through advertising effect.


Fashion Brands; Co-design; Marketing Strategies