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Effective Ways in Integrating Red Culture into Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.039


Xihua Chen, Haining Huang, Yuanmei Fang

Corresponding Author

Xihua Chen


Red culture is an important educational resource that can help students lay a deep cultural foundation, inherit the red revolutionary spirit, establish the correct value orientation, and it`s of great significance to integrate it into ideological and political education. However, the ideological and political process of integrating red culture into all courses lacks diversified educational activities, lacks the integration of new media and new technologies, and lacks organic integration with various courses. Based on the above reasons, it is recommended to promote the integration of red culture into curriculum ideology from the following three aspects: one is to pool resources to build a red culture education resource library; the second is to create conditions to enrich the practice of red culture; the third is to teach accurately and innovate the spread mode of red culture.


Red Culture; Ideological and Political Education; Colleges and Universities; Implementation Dilemma; the Effective Ways