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Research and Design on Indoor Heating Model

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.038


Zhiwei Wu, Yinchang Zhou, Hao Li

Corresponding Author

Zhiwei Wu


Choosing a good radiator installation location is very essential for indoor insulation, and it may also significantly improve people’s working environment. Firstly, the article considered the three most popular radiators on the market that meet the standards. A model of the heat dissipation performance of the radiator was established which considers the volume, cost, heat dissipation and radiating area. Then, the article calculates how many heat sinks are needed in a room. Based on the reasonableness of the location of the radiator, we proposed that it should be placed near the wall and near the floor. The article also assume the unclosed windows as a heat sink. Through testing the model, the article analyzes the reliability and versatility of the model, and summarizes the shortcomings of the model.


Heat Dissipation; Radiating Area; COMSOL