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Interpretation and Reflection on the New Trend of Animation Development Based on Short Video Carrier

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.037


Jingyang Cao

Corresponding Author

Jingyang Cao


Currently, the development trend of new media is becoming increasingly obvious, and the corresponding user scale is constantly expanding. Consequently, short video has become the dominant form of information resources communication. With its diversified content, greater commercial value and better cultural communication attributes, it has really entered the public field of vision. In the short video team, the development of animation short video has gradually attracted people's attention. With the help of network resources advantages, it actively broadens the communication channels, strives to create high-quality products, and becomes a new force in the development of short video. This work mainly discussed the development of animation short video, and explored the future of animation short video combined with specific cases.


Short video; Animation; Trend; Interpretation; Thinking