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Analysis of Soil Geochemical Characteristics in Delingha-Wulan Region, Qinghai Province

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.035


Lu Dai

Corresponding Author

Lu Dai


The research on the geological background of the main work areas has importance effects on the study of the geochemical distribution characteristics of soil elements. It is the key to finding out the deep-seated causes of geochemical characteristics, and also related to the depth of research on ecologically geochemical evaluation, characteristic agricultural planting, and the scientific nature of development planning. The 1: 50,000 soil measurement was used in this study to obtain high-precision test data of 28 elements and indicators in the work areas. Through the abundance of soil elements, the affinity between elements, the combination and distribution characteristics of elements in different geological units and different types of used land, cluster analysis and other data processing methods are used to discuss the soil geochemical characteristics of Delingha-Wulan. The meaning of the geological and ecological environment represented by it was also inferred on this basis.


Delingha-wulan; Soil; Geochemistry; Characteristics