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Research on the Status Quo and Improvement Strategies of the Community Elderly

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.032


Fanfan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Fanfan Zhu


At present, the process of population aging in our country is accelerating, and the aging population presents the characteristics of a large base, an aging population, and an empty nest. The miniaturization of the family structure in our country has led to the weakening of traditional family pension functions, and the welfare pension institutions established by the government have not given full play to their basic supportive role in pensions. It is especially important to accelerate the development of elderly care services that can adapt to the current new situation in my country. In order to alleviate the above-mentioned existing elderly care problems, community elderly care services have provided new means and methods. Among the home care services, institutional care services, and community care services, community care services are the inheritance of family care services while at the same time exploring and innovating social care services. Community elderly care services enable the elderly to live forever in their familiar environment, which is in line with my country's traditional culture. The proposal of this type of elderly care service provides new means and methods for alleviating the current serious elderly care problems. It is an old-age care method that relies on the community and does not cut off the close connection between the elderly and the family. While the elderly live in their original families, it uses various resources and services provided by the community to make the elderly no matter how physical they are. Both psychologically and psychologically can realize the old-age service method of “enjoying old age”. Community elderly care services are adapted to the current social and national conditions of our country, and are the inevitable choice for our country to deal with the severe aging tests and challenges.


Community elderly; Improvement strategy; Status and countermeasure study