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Research on the Mental Adjustment and Guidance of the Network Society

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.024


Hongmei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongmei Zhang


Internet public opinion has become a “barometer” reflecting the real social mentality. The social mentality it reflects has the following characteristics: Fairness and justice have become a universal demand, social trust has been declining, negative social mentality has spread, and social mentality has shown class antagonism. Therefore, there is an urgent need to pay attention to and adjust the public's social mentality. We should “make the cake bigger” and “divide the cake” to maintain social fairness; insist on effective dialogue with the public and get rid of the crisis of trust; insist on the correct public opinion orientation and guide the Internet public opinion to become rational; strengthen ideological and political education to improve society The cognitive level of members is of great significance for measuring, adjusting and improving related policies and laws, and for further promoting the process of reform, opening up, and modernization.


Network society; Mental problems; Mental guidance