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Research of Cross-Cultural Communication under Cultural Identity

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.021


Xiangli Zhai

Corresponding Author

Xiangli Zhai


Cross-cultural communication mainly refers to the communication activities between language users of different nationalities, covering the fields of culture, politics, economics, and natural sciences. In the teaching activities of English courses in colleges and universities, teachers need to combine the cultural customs, psychological behaviors and historical traditions of the target language country. By infiltrating the national culture of the target language country, they can effectively enhance the students’ ability to comprehend language and culture and master the rules of language use. Then gain the skills to use language knowledge in different cultural atmospheres. In the context of economic globalization, economic, cultural, and political exchanges between my country and Western countries have become more frequent. It is not enough to only cultivate students’ knowledge of English. It is necessary for colleges and universities to integrate social development and cross-cultural communication, and gradually pay attention to it. The cross-cultural education of English teaching aims to cultivate high-quality and high-level applied talents who can use English proficiently. In this process, the teaching methods of intercultural communication have played an important role.


Cultural identify; Cross-cultural communication; Western cultural