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Research on the Strategy of Tao Xingzhi's Life Moral Education Theory into Ideological and Political Education Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.015


Yan Li, Yuanzhou Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Li


Tao Zhixing's life moral education theory has a great influence on the educational circles, which has changed the teaching mode of the educational circles. It guides the development of education and teaching in our country. At the same time, it can also cultivate learners' learning ability and stimulate students' potential. Therefore, teachers in the ideological and political education should effectively implement the educational theory, achieve the unity of teaching in the classroom, help students find learning methods, and create an efficient classroom. This paper analyzes the strategies of integrating Tao Xingzhi's life moral education theory into the ideological and political classroom teaching.


Tao xingzhi; Life moral education theory; Ideological and political teaching; Strategy research