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Luxury Goods Want “Gold” But Also “Green”--Analysis of Green Luxury Design

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.014


Liao Yun

Corresponding Author

Liao Yun


Luxury goods have always carried a mysterious and noble veil. It is often related to excessive personal enjoyment, superficiality and appearance, while sustainability symbolizes altruism, sobriety and restraint. Therefore, “green sustainable” and “luxury” are still regarded as a contradiction by mass consumers. In recent years, people have become more aware of the luxury goods industry. Green design and sustainable design have also become a hot spot in modern design research in recent years, and green products on the market are constantly emerging. This article believes that “luxury” and “green” are compatible concepts. At the same time, it combines luxury with green and sustainable ideas to provide design strategies for opening up new markets for luxury goods.


Sustainable development; Green design; Luxury goods; Design strategy