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The Impact of Risk Perception on the Public's Willingness to Travel Long/Short Distances: the Mediating Role of Negative Emotions

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.012


Jiao Mi, Daiqiao Lan, Miao Liu, Tiantian Lei

Corresponding Author

Mi Jiao


In order to provide theoretical support for the cultivation of market confidence and the recovery of tourism prosperity after the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this study uses a structural equation model to explore the mechanism of public risk perception, negative sentiment, and long/short-distance travel willingness during the epidemic. The results show: (1) Risk perception has a significant negative impact on the public's long-distance travel willingness; (2) Risk perception significantly positively affects negative sentiment; (3) Negative sentiment significantly positively affects public long-distance travel willingness; (4) Negative Sexual sentiment has a partial mediating effect between the public's risk perception and long-distance travel willingness. Finally, the research provides suggestions for the further development of the tourism industry after the epidemic from three aspects: the government, tourism companies, and industry associations.


New coronary pneumonia; Risk perception; Negative emotions; Willingness to travel