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The Theoretical Outlet and Logical Choice of Frankfurt-Style Counterexamples under Compatibility Theory--Take the flicker of freedom strategy as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.010


Yue Qu

Corresponding Author

Yue Qu


It has been a hot topic in philosophy field that whether moral responsibility requires the free choice when agent acting. From the traditional theories that libertarians believe, it can be seen that free will is the source and basis of moral responsibility. However, Frankfurt H. G. gave a negative answer to this question. Libertarians counterattacked him with “flicker of freedom” strategy. This paper introduces and analyzes this strategy and discusses about if the strategy proved Frankfurt wrong. Hopefully by interpreting the whole process, this paper can bring people some new ideas and thoughts.


Free will; Frankfurt-style counterexample; Compatibility theory; Flicker of freedom strategy