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Study on the Participation Behavior of Community Residents in Health Education and its Influencing Factors

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.001


Fang Yuan, Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhang


The purpose of this paper is to understand the community health education participation behavior of residents in Nanjing area and its influencing factors, and to provide empirical evidence for community health education work. Methods In this paper, 453 residents in Nanjing area were investigated by using random sampling method and self-made questionnaire, and multiple ordered Logistic regression analysis was carried out by using SPSS26.0 software. Results The results showed that residents' self-evaluation of health, residents' evaluation of the schedule of health education, staff service attitude and quality evaluation, and feedback collected after community activities significantly affected residents' participation behavior in community health education. Conclusions First of all, the free time of people at various stages should be maximized according to the characteristics of specific groups. Secondly, the community needs to carry out regular training and assessment of health education staff to improve the quality of service; Finally, the community should also broaden the channels of public opinion expression and communication, earnestly understand the needs of residents, and adopt suggestions for improvement given by residents.


Community residents; Health education; Participation behavior; Ordered Logistic regression