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Evaluation and Analysis of Dual Degree Study of Logistics Engineering Students based on New Engineering Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.153


Xumei Zhang, Ruyuan Liu, Li HU, Yunbing Yan

Corresponding Author

Xumei Zhang


Logistics engineering, a new subject, its teaching mode is in the stage of exploration. Logistics engineering major of Wuhan University of Science and Technology has developed a new education mode based on the dual degree, which aims to realize the dual role of training professional talents and reducing the burden of students. To test the trial effect of the dual degree, online questionnaire survey, including learning motivation, learning effect, teaching process, etc., is conducted for the students who have participated in the dual degree and those who have not yet registered. Mathematical statistics were used to summarize and analyze the questionnaire results. The teachers of our college have gained teaching suggestions and improvement directions thanks to this paper, and at the same time, teachers of logistics engineering major in other universities can also get new teaching ideas from this research.


Logistics engineering; dual degree; Learning motivation; Teaching evaluation