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Exploration and Application of Talent Training Mode of Traffic Engineering Speciality for "New Engineering" Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.152


Maoping Ran, Xinglin Zhou, Yaqin He, Yunbing Yan, Li HU

Corresponding Author

Xinglin Zhou


China's economic development is facing the heavy task of Kinetic energy Conversion, mode transformation and structural adjustment. New technologies, new products, new formats and new models are booming. Engineering education and industrial development are closely linked and mutually supported. Engineering education provides talent support to the development of new industries. The future emerging industries and new economy need high-quality compound "new engineering" talents with strong engineering practice ability and international competitiveness. Under the background of "new engineering", combined with the reform of Traffic engineering specialty, this paper explores the talent training strategy of Traffic engineering specialty.


New engineering; traffic engineering; talents training; strategy