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Experimental Course Construction at Local Application-Oriented Universities: Reality and Development Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.148


Qingyang Wang, Mengdi Gao

Corresponding Author

Mengdi Gao


This article examines the existing problems in experimental course construction at local application-oriented universities, considering aspects of teaching staff construction, experimental course content construction, experimental equipment configuration, and experimental teaching management. Combined with the construction process of the mechanical experiment courses at Suzhou University, which is local to us, we put forward the countermeasures for the construction of experimental courses: strengthening the recruitment of experimental teachers to build a “dual-talented” teaching staff, founding top-quality experimental courses combined with the “local and application-oriented” school management orientation, raising funds from various channels to increase the investment in laboratory construction, and improving the evaluation mechanisms for experimental courses.


Experimental course; experimental teaching; development strategies