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Research on E-government adoption based on Meta-analysis and Structural Equation Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.147


Xiao Han, Di Zhao, Zhiwei Tang

Corresponding Author

Di Zhao


Faced with numerous inconsistent research findings, researchers and managers are often confused. Due to the lack of a highly interpretation model to respond to theoretical disputes and provide guidance for practice, the research on the adoption of e-government is falling into fragmentation. In order to explore an e-government adoption model suitable for the Chinese context, the study uses meta-analysis to calculate the correlation coefficients between the variables reported in the literature, and retains the robust variable relationships (11 groups) for model construction. Collect data through questionnaires, use SEM to test research hypotheses, and analyze the model. The study found that all 11 hypotheses have passed the test and the model has a good degree of fit, which can predict the public's behavior intention to adopt e-government.


Adoption model; meta-analysis; SEM; path coefficient; mediation effect