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Discussion on the Application of mixed Teaching Mode in basic Accounting course

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.145


Meng Guizhen

Corresponding Author

Meng Guizhen


Under the background of the Internet, a mixed teaching model is put forward, which has brought great changes in teaching ideas and teaching methods to the accounting education in ordinary colleges and universities. The original teaching mode of basic accounting course has been more and more unable to meet the requirements of educational information reform. The hybrid teaching mode absorbs the advantages of the traditional teaching model and integrates the network information teaching technology into it, and the two integrate with each other as a new teaching mode under the background of the Internet. It has played a great role in promoting the teaching of basic accounting. As a consequence, this paper makes a preliminary discussion on the application of mixed teaching model in basic accounting teaching. In addition, it analyzes how to implement it and some problems that need to be paid attention to.


Mixed teaching mode; basic accounting; online and offline; implementation