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Status Quo Analysis and Optimized Scheme of In-plant Logistic Based on JIT

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.023


Jianhua Liu, Ruijundi Ma, Mingzhao Wang

Corresponding Author

Ruijundi Ma


Based on the basic concept of JIT and taking Zhengzhou Fengshen Logistics Co., Ltd. as an example, this paper focuses on the analysis of the logistics distribution process from acceptance, storage, and supply of KIT by means of investigation and statistical analysis. The paper finds that there are some problems in the whole process of logistics and distribution of the whole plant, such as low efficiency of employees, unreasonable distribution of the upper and lower levels, unreasonable distribution of the site, existence of cargo damage. At last, the paper puts forward the scheme of closed-loop material distribution through kanban management, and compares the inventory cost and distribution efficiency of the in-plant logistics before and after optimization. The optimized distribution efficiency is greatly improved and the inventory cost is greatly reduced. The paper will effectively improve the Zhengzhou Fengshen Logistics Co., Ltd. factory logistics and distribution operations, and give reference and inspiration to similar business third-party logistics enterprises.


JIT, Kanbanmanagement, In-plant Logistic, Circulation Distributions.