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Analysis of the Influence of College Students' Attention to the Network Positive Education Social Hot Spots

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.141


Liying Wang

Corresponding Author

Liying Wang


Since the reform and opening up, the accelerated social transformation has led to the emergence of a large number of hot social events in the network. Compared with the negative educational public opinion which can arouse public attention more, the positive social hot educational events are often ignored by the public in the public opinion space. The values of college students are in the period of shaping and forming, and the influence of social hot educational events on the values of college students is worth further exploration. How to expand the effect of positive education public opinion, how to further enhance the influence of positive education hot events, and improve the ability of college students to absorb thoughts and literacy from positive education hot social events is worth further study. Hot social events lead the value orientation of The Times, and new social events constantly appear every day, which constantly affect college students' outlook on life, values and world outlook. Therefore, it is one of the new educational tasks for colleges and universities to make better use of the favorable resources of positive educational hot social events to carry out ideological and political education for college students.


College students; Positive education; Social hot spots; research