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Research on the Teaching of Basic Courses of Arts—Take the course Comprehensive Modeling Design as An Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.137


Weimiao Xiong, Yang Song, Manjie Yang

Corresponding Author

Weimiao Xiong


The course Comprehensive Modeling Design belongs to one of the basic courses of the College of Art and Design of Geely University. It is an art foundation course integrating art and design, coordinating theory and practice, and reflecting technology and innovation at the same time. This course aims to give guidance to students to implement different materials and related techniques based on their cognitive artistic concepts and modeling principles. By training students’ comprehensive design thinking and artistic practice and creation abilities, this course can help students effectively master basic principles of comprehensive modeling design so that they can apply their conception ideas to the actual creation of relevant art works and finally implement and display them. This paper mainly studies and verifies how basic art subjects break through traditional thinking patterns in the practice and teaching methods used fully consider features of students majoring in environmental arts. In this way, we can improve students’ analysis and judgment abilities, innovative thinking, critical thinking, empathy, “hand-eye-heart” combination ability and creation abilities with concept transformation.


Comprehensive modeling design; innovative thinking; empathic ability; art; art foundation course