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Research on the Incentive Mechanism of Higher Vocational Teachers in Provincial Vocational Education Base from the Perspective of Field TheoryFirst

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.134


Wenjie Yao

Corresponding Author

Wenjie Yao


With the deepening of China's educational reform and the rapid development of higher vocational colleges, the competition among higher vocational colleges is becoming increasingly fierce, and the rational and effective use of human resources is directly related to the success or failure of the competition. Teachers, as the most precious human resources in higher vocational colleges and the huge assets of colleges, are the key factors for the sustainable development of higher vocational colleges, the core competitiveness of colleges and the key to improving the quality and efficiency of school education. The requirements for professional and technical ability, knowledge structure and practical ability of higher vocational teachers are inevitably different from those of ordinary higher vocational teachers, which requires adopting targeted management system and incentive methods according to the characteristics of higher vocational teachers. Based on the field theory, this paper analyzes the connotation and significance of teachers' incentive mechanism in higher vocational colleges of provincial vocational education base, and puts forward concrete measures to build incentive mechanism from the aspects of teaching professional ability, scientific research ability and social service ability.


Higher vocational colleges; incentive mechanism; education quality; field theory