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The Inducing Effect of Western Music on Emotion from the Perspective of Postmodern Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.133


Xiaolin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaolin Zhang


Major and minor, as unique elements in the western music system, have more influence on people's emotions than cultural experience itself. Because the rhythm structure is closely related to human body rhythm, complex perceptual model and cognitive evaluation are not needed, which can be processed from top to bottom quickly and well, and template matching can be carried out to evaluate a series of rhythms as meaningful acoustic symbols. Based on the post-modern education perspective, this paper studies the emotional inducing effect of western music, and the results show that the emotional inducing effect of tonality has certain cultural universality, and the emotional components induced by tonality have the characteristics of domain generalization.


Post-modern education; Western music; Emotion; tonality