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Reform and Thinking of Modern Enterprise Management Courses under the Background of New Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.126


Jiaqi Yang

Corresponding Author

Jiaqi Yang


In the context of the new engineering discipline, the modern business management course is regarded as a professional core course for engineering majors in colleges and universities. This course has become an important theoretical basis for the study of subsequent professional courses for engineering majors and the study of new materials forming technology. Based on the construction of "new engineering" and guided by OBE, cultivating engineering students to meet the requirements of the outstanding engineer class to train engineering applied talents. This article considers the teaching methods of the existing courses of "Modern Enterprise Management". Strengthen the improvement of students' engineering awareness and practical ability through the reform of teaching and academic evaluation methods. From teaching to examinations should be carried out in accordance with this idea, guiding students to change from passive learning knowledge to applying what they have learned.


New engineering; teaching reform; business management; course outline