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Relationship between Supervisor and Postgraduate: New Insights from Questionnaire Survey Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.124


Qinzhong Hou

Corresponding Author

Qinzhong Hou


The supervisor plays an important role in the development of postgraduates. In this study, the supervisor-postgraduate relationship was thoroughly investigated from the angle of postgraduate using questionnaire survey data collected from 345 postgraduates. Many interesting findings were obtained, including but not limited to: a. about a quarter of postgraduates indicate a tense relationship with their supervisors; b. a half of postgraduates are not satisfied with the current state; c. most of postgraduates cannot receive adequate guidance from their supervisors; d. the risk of supervisor-postgraduate conflicts increases significantly once the employeeship is forged. Findings from this study shed more lights on factors affecting mentoring relationship and are of crucial importance to develop effective countermeasures.


Mentoring relationship; postgraduate education; statistical analysis