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Research on Cultural Awareness and Cultural Confidence in Chinese International Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.122


Wanjie Xu, Yanli Huang

Corresponding Author

Wanjie Xu


China has made remarkable achievement in economy development. Accordingly, Chinese language and Chinese culture have also gained great attention worldwide. The paper firstly demonstrates the concept of “culture”, “cultural awareness”, and “cultural confidence”. The paper highlights the great significance and necessity of being aware of fine traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, it explores the strategies of being aware of Chinese culture and how to build up cultural self-confidence for international Chinese teachers. Finally, the paper comes to three major findings which include Finding 1. research and inheritance of the “root” of Chinese culture; Finding 2. the major principles of being aware of culture and culture self-confidence; Finding 3. manifested in full confidence in the future of Chinese culture.


Cultural Awareness; Cultural Confidence; Multi-culture; Chinese International Teaching