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Research on Characteristics of English Idioms with Cross-cultural Communication Considerations

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.119


Linli Chen

Corresponding Author

Linli Chen


Idioms play an important role in writing, speech and even in our oral communication, but along with the importance and usefulness of idioms are the difficulties in our understanding. A good knowledge of their characteristics may help us get informed of their exact meaning and get familiar with their correct application on different occasions. It is worth discussing the characteristics of English idioms. It is believed that it will be helpful to enable people both to have a more exact understanding of English idioms and to use them correctly on different occasions, and more important is that it is also of great significance in language teaching and cultural inheritance. A preliminary research on characteristics of English idioms with cross-cultural communication considerations will be introduced in this paper, hoping to cast some enlightenment on further research in this field.


Idioms; English idioms; idiomaticity; language; characteristics