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Research on Fault Handling of Cold Chain Logistics Equipment Based on Angle Cosine

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.019


Xiaomin Guo, Yamin Zhao, Jianhua Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaomin Guo


The rapid development of cold chain logistics has led to the introduction of more and more advanced cold chain logistics equipment, so the maintenance and processing of advanced logistics equipment failure has been paid more and more attention. Therefore, this paper presents a case similarity matching algorithm for cold chain logistics equipment based on entropy weight method and angle cosine value based on case-based reasoning. Firstly, the failure parameters of the cold chain logistics equipment are collected, and the objective weight value of the attribute parameters of each case is obtained by using the entropy method. Finally, his weight value and the cosine angle are used to calculate the similarity between cases, and find out the case similar to the new case in the case library. The algorithm is based on the data itself and the manual experience in determining the weight value of the case attribute, and avoids the problem of setting the attribute weight by relying on the knowledge of artificial experience.


Case similarity, logistics equipment failure, view matching, entropy weight method, angle cosine.