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Application of High-precision 3D Technology in Transmission Line Measurement

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.094


Yiling Liao

Corresponding Author

Yiling Liao


2D measurement technology is gradually replaced by 3D measurement technology, which increases the amount of measurement information, improves the accuracy and optimizes the imaging effect. Taking the electric power industry as an example, 3D laser radar technology plays an effective role in transmission line measurement. Timely detection of transmission line corridor hazards and accurate measurement of the distance between power lines can bring the ideal 3D visualization imaging effect, and guarantee the safe operation of transmission lines. This work mainly discussed the application of 3D laser radar technology in transmission line measurement based on discussing the development process and measurement flow of 3D laser radar technology, expecting to provide some reference for scientific measurement of transmission lines and scientific supervision of power lines.


Transmission line; Measurement; 3D measurement; High-precision