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Research on the Development Direction of Chinese College English Teaching Based on Esp

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.086


Jiao Xu

Corresponding Author

Jiao Xu


English has become a popular language in the world, and English is becoming more and more everyday in our lives, so the importance of English is obvious to all of us. Nowadays, the content of the courses accepted by students far exceeds what the previous students have accepted. Therefore, the students who graduated from high school now have strong abilities and relatively high overall quality. The demand for social talents is increasing. The establishment and development of college students’ courses The direction also changed. The application of ESP to college English teaching is recognized and advocated by experts after research. ESP is targeted to allow students to learn the types of English they need, which can maximize learning efficiency. This article analyzes and summarizes ESP and the development direction of college English teaching in my country.


Esp; English teaching; Development direction