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Experienced Efl Teachers' Professional Identity Construction: from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.082



Corresponding Author



It has been established that professional identity impacts teachers’ exercise of agency, autonomy and career development. Understanding the influence of teaching context on teachers’ professional identity construction is crucial for supporting them to cope with challenges brought by contextual factors. Based on three EFL (English as a Foreign Language) experienced teachers’ narratives of their experiences as they confronted with the transition from f2f to online teaching, this paper sought to understand the influence of the changed educational context on their professional identity. Results reported that all participants experienced reconstructions of professional identity in daily routines and knowledge/skills, but their teaching beliefs underwent different transitions. Additionally, adaptions to routines and knowledge/skills may not lead to belief negotiation, and existing beliefs may hinder or support their adjustments to the changes.


Professional identity; Experienced teachers; Online teaching; Face-to-face teaching