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Reflection and Study on the Establishment of the System about the Education of Career Planning in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.076


Chen Feifei

Corresponding Author

Chen Feifei


Under the background where the number of enrolled students is increasingly expanded, more and more graduates from higher vocational colleges are confronted with the problem of employment upon their walking into the society. Nevertheless, the requirement for excellent talents is continuously enhanced along with the constant development of social economy. As far as higher vocational colleges are concerned, how to allow the graduates from higher vocational colleges to keep a foothold in the society in face of such severe environment for employment has turned out to be a problem which should be dealt with urgently. Moreover, it is also deemed as a topic which should be deeply explored by higher vocational education. With the aim of dealing with the problems encountered by the graduates from higher vocational colleges, the consciousness of college students’ career planning should be focused on and vocational guidance for college students should be further strengthened so as to improve their competitiveness upon graduation. This paper mainly targets at the exploration over the establishment of the system about the education of career planning in higher vocational colleges and the proposal of corresponding strategies.


Higher vocational colleges; Career planning; Competitiveness; Higher vocational graduates