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Summer Work App Design Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.072


Shibo Huang, Tianqi Li, Xianhui Yang, Yi Ren

Corresponding Author

Shibo Huang


Summer jobs are now an important topic these days, as now working experience is highly required in a long-term job application, and summer jobs have a large variety. It is more and more important to find a summer job that is good enough for you, and have a reasonable salary within a certain number of working hours. So, based on the common survey on some work field about summer jobs, we will give multiple objective choices for applicants to select, and we evaluate the preferences of the applicants then give jobs that have a high qualification to fit the applicants’ preferences. In order to do that, first, we did a survey about what factors may affect the satisfaction of a summer job, we used the model analytic hierarchy process to handle the database of the following factors in the common work field of summer jobs. Our model has two main advantages. First, the model of analytic hierarchy process can calculate more complex issues that the traditional mathematic method can’t process, in this circumstance, the choices of summer jobs. We can simplify the question into smaller factors with their own weight for people, by combining the weight of each factor, we can calculate what the best summer job people could have is. Another advantage is in the analytic hierarchy process we are able to separate the qualitative factors from the quantitative factors, but also can calculate them as a whole. The analytic hierarchy process able us to combine elements in different levels and have multiple results for different elements.


Analytic hierarchy process; Summer jobs; App