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The Best Summer Job Selection Based on AHP

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.071


Guanxi Li, Guanru Li

Corresponding Author

Guanxi Li


Our high school students have a long summer vacation every year. In order to make the most of the summer vacation, many students engage in summer work. There are many kinds of summer jobs, and how to choose the most suitable job is a challenge for everyone. In this article, we treat this problem as a multi-attribute decision-making problem, and find a solution to this problem. In order to solve this problem, an evaluation model based on analytic hierarchy process was established. The model can help each student analyze and evaluate summer work, and then make the best choice. The model we build in this article is accurate and reliable. Each high school student only needs to fill out the score sheet to know which summer job is best for them. Of course, our model is not perfect, and there are problems such as low scalability. But for the “best summer job” problem, our model is effective enough.


Analytic hierarchy process (ahp); Multi-attribute decision-making problem; Evaluation model