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Application of Warm-Up Exercise Based on Intelligent Body Data Analysis Model in Taijiquan Exercise

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.064


Mingtao Guo

Corresponding Author

Mingtao Guo


Taijiquan originated in China. It is deeply rooted in the fertile land of the Chinese nation. Taijiquan belongs to the world. Taijiquan, a martial arts sport, has been widely praised by people around the world. Since the 1980s, governments at all levels and the general public have become increasingly aware of the protection of Taijiquan, an ancient cultural system, and governments at all levels have formulated corresponding protection measures and activities with Taiji culture as the theme. It has held 11 international Taijiquan exchange conferences in various parts of China. Various Taijiquan doormen and folk inheritance organizations have also increased their dissemination and promotion. In the course of Taijiquan practice, many people have a situation of knee joint pain. In response to this situation, combined with the intelligent body data analysis model, the ways and means of Taijiquan practice are improved.


Intelligence analysis; Body data; Warm-up exercise; Tai chi; Knee joint