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Analysis of Innovative Strategies in College English Teaching under the Background of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.061


Long Lanyung

Corresponding Author

Long Lanyung


Under the background of Internet +, the external environment of college English teaching has changed significantly. If we continue to follow the traditional teaching model, it will make it difficult for college English teaching to keep pace with the development of the age.In this regard, teachers need to adhere to the management concept and teaching concept of advancing with the times, pay attention to the innovation and reform of education and teaching, focus on the trend of the development of the age and take the initiative to adjust the education and teaching model. Teaching innovation is a long-term process, in the short term, it is difficult to obtain obvious results, teachers need to comprehensively consider the effect of different factors, combining theoretical analysis and practice research, actively integrate into modern education teaching idea, always adhere to the stand in the perspective of students thinking and problem analysis, to ensure that the work to implement the teaching innovation. Through the analysis and research of the current situation of college English teaching, this paper aims to understand the relevant strategies and requirements of subject teaching reform and innovation under the background of Internet +, in the hope of providing corresponding references for the reform and innovation of college English teaching.


Internet + background; College english; Teaching innovation; Strategy analysis