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Research on the Application of Flipped Classroom Mode on Intermediate and Intermedia and Advanced Chinese Courses for Foreigners

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.060


Yuxin Tian

Corresponding Author

Yuxin Tian


There are endless discussions from all walks of life on the use of the Internet to integrate various resources “Internet +”. The integration of the Internet with the times has become an inevitable trend in the development of modern industries. Thus, the teaching model of flipped classroom came into being. The flipped classroom teaching model is a product of modern education informatization. It has obvious advantages such as individualized learning and promotion of teaching interaction, and it is highly respected by all walks of life. The research and experiment of the flipped classroom teaching model in the education circle are also increasing day by day. Attempts to use the flipped classroom teaching model in international Chinese teaching are constantly being proposed and practiced. At present, the flipped classroom teaching model has made bold attempts in the oral, listening, writing, intermediate and advanced Chinese comprehensive courses and young teacher training in international Chinese teaching, and has achieved good teaching results. In September 2016, the author received a non-degree intermediate and advanced class Chinese comprehensive course teaching task during the college internship. Compared with other course types, the teaching of comprehensive Chinese courses is relatively boring and has certain difficulties. After discovering some problems in students' learning in the early stage of teaching, the author decided to try to use flipped classroom in the intermediate and advanced comprehensive Chinese courses for foreigners. Teaching model to solve these problems.


Chinese courses for foreigners; Flipped classroom mode; Application study