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Research on the Law of Unity of Opposites in Vocal Music Teaching and Singing

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2021.059


Peng Hongmei

Corresponding Author

Peng Hongmei


Vocal music is an art of expressing thoughts and emotions through voice. Compared with other music forms, its charm lies in its close connection with people as a whole. Materialist dialectics is a theory about universal connection and eternal development, and it is a strict scientific system. Its essence and core is the law of unity of opposites, which reveals the basic content of universal connection of things and the internal motive force of change and development. The same is true of vocal music teaching. Singing a good voice is the result of the organic coordination, coordinated movement and vibration of various muscle forces of the whole body, which are mainly vocal cords, and the product of the unity of opposites of various muscle forces of the whole body. On the one hand, the article combines the unity of opposites in vocal music singing with the law of unity of opposites in philosophy, and guides vocal music singing art with philosophical methodology; On the other hand, this paper only studies some opposing factors in vocal singing skills, instead of talking about vocal art in general, which can ensure the meticulous research results.


Vocal music teaching; Singing; Unity of opposites; Conflict